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$45.00 AUD

Recycled Material + Suede lining.

Cloud9 belongs to the Ballet Ruffle Lapito family. They add a special touch to the 'bend and point' style.
  • The shoes are soft and flexible as infants' feet are not yet fully formed so it is important to use soft sole shoes to allow their feet to grow. 
  • They are handmade using a product called Mura from Woven Image. This material is made from recycled and recyclable PET (approximately 60% of consumer waste, including plastic bottles)
  • The ballet ruffles have an elastic strap that sits over the foot to hold those gorgeous little feet in.
  • They also have a soft padded sole and top edge for extra support and protection. 

Lapito has created its very own sizing chart to can help you select the correct size.