It starts with a rough sketch.

Then the process begins - details, form, stitching, finishes, edges and everything in between.





Being professional wrigglers, little ones are absolute geniuses in losing their pre-walkers. I have made it my mission to design a pair of shoes that cover every parents need. 

Lapito's top 5 'must haves' include:

Soft and Flexible - babies and toddler's feet are not yet full formed so it is very important to use soft sole shoes to support and allow their feet to grow. 

Room to grow - Their little toes need space to wiggle and stretch in order to strengthen and form their muscles. 

Easy to put on and take off - Using 100% leather for a lace up shoe enables parent's to open the tongue and sides of the shoe wide for an easy fit. Leather laces also allow parents to tie them as firmly or loosely as they want. 

Look cute! I am really passionate about designing a style of footwear for very small feet that are well made, comfortable, practical and stylish. 

Love Lapito xx
May 01, 2014 by Pia Nowland

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