Easter Traditions

It's a tradition to spend Easter weekend at the family beach shack in Port Willunga. We love eating delicious local produce from the Willunga markets, cooking wood oven pizzas, eating lots of Lindt chocolate eggs and also fitting in a long beach walk with the dogs. Absolute bliss!

I hope you had a fabulous Easter! 

Lapito x


April 06, 2015 by Pia Nowland

WIN a pair of Lapito Shoes


Bright and bubbly Miss Ruby Lapito is the most adventurous of the lot. She took her first big steps and hopped on a plane to escape Australia's winter and experience the European summer on a 6 week holiday. Being the 'selfie star' that she is, Ruby will be capturing her journey to share with us! But more importantly, give you the chance to win a FREE pair of Lapito's!

How to WIN? 

We will be posting photos of Ruby's travels once a day over the next two weeks on this blog. Make sure you like our Lapito Footwear Facebook Page and Instagram to be the first to see where Ruby is! Each post will have a question attached, all you need to do is answer it correctly on our blog - (click on the title 'WIN a pair of Lapito shoes' and you will then have access to leave a comment below).

Be in it to win it! If you answer every question we post, you will go straight into the draw for your chance to WIN a free pair!

Who can ENTER?

If you're a fan of these little shoes you can enter... as MUCH as you like! Lapito lovers from across the globe are invited to get involved, and you could WIN your own pair of dapper little shoes for someone special.

At the end of Ruby's trip, a winner will be drawn and announced on our blog and social media pages.

Ruby's first international selfie will be posted tomorrow!



Location location location! - Ruby is all about enjoying a room with a 'view'. This little pair has fallen in love with this city - she is already looking at real estate?! Thank goodness for the language barrier. First stop on her Euro trip is one of the most romantic cities in the world! If only Nutmeg came along too for some fine wining and dining. Next time.

Which city has Ruby fallen in love with?

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Ruby enjoyed a croissant with every jam possible along with a cafe latte at La Palette this morning. The 1930's style cafe is known for its large terrace that over looks the street of Jacques-Callot - a wonderful view to start the day. After she gobbled her food down, Ruby was ready to walk it off. The little red pair was amazed at how many locks she found while admiring the Seine on a bridge, but where are all the keys? She thought. Couples from all over the world come to this very spot to seal their love. With the amount of locks along the railing, Ruby was surprised it hadn't collapsed?! Little did she know...

What is the name of this bridge in Paris? 

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Bonjour, délicieux, á bientôt, au revoir! Ruby is learning all the lingo to become a true Parisian! Today she was very spoilt and had a long lunch at a beautiful location. Her four course meal started with a frisée and grape salad with verjus and blue cheese, then followed by a roast beef and roquefort french baguette. Ruby is such a sweet tooth and couldn't wait for dessert. She scoffed down a raspberry tart and chouquettes - YUM! she thought. For such a tiny frame, Ruby sure can eat! Ruby sat back in her chair, as full as ever, and admired her surroundings. The red pair was astounded to find out that this restaurant first opened in 1900. The painted and gilded ceilings are listed as a historic monument, and the chandeliers are simply out of this world!
Which famous French museum is Ruby enjoying her four course traditional french cuisine? 

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Ruby is slowly ticking off the top places to visit in France in her Lonely Planet book she purchased duty free at Singapore airport. With only a few days left in this beautiful country she's making the most of her time before she's off to her next destination!

Ruby dodged traffic to get a selfie in this special spot! She certainly noticed the lack of road rules! You should always give-way to walkers, even pre-walkers! she argued. It was an absolute triumph getting this picture taken.

What is the name of this monument behind Ruby?

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Ruby has arrived at her next destination and just in time for a BIG lunch. It was her first taste of bratwurst und kartoffelsalat - es schmeckte gut! HUGE tick, she totally approved! 

It wasn't long until Ruby noticed this big guy and had to get a photo! 

What did Ruby eat for lunch and what city is she in?

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Ruby is having a blast and really enjoying the food, culture and history of Germany. The one she wished she could do is share the experience with all her friends at home in Adelaide, including Olive, Sailor, Lily, Chickpea, Licorice and Pearl. So she thought of a wonderful way to keep them posted - no pun intended.  
What is the English translation of Briefmarken?

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What Ruby didn't know is her families history and that she is in fact part European! She couldn't believe how such a small country is where the BEST chocolate is made and even luxury watches - Ruby already has her eye on a Breitling or a Tag Heuer - expensive taste? I wonder where she gets that from! This also made Ruby realise that it doesn't matter how small or big you are, you should also chase your dreams! 
After a big lunch and nice cool drink of Rivella, Ruby set off on a walk through the mountains. She couldn't believe how much this place looked like a postcard!
Besides Australia, which other country is Ruby from?

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Off she goes on a new adventure and BOY is she going fast! Ruby was fortunate enough to get a window seat to enjoy the scenery along the way. Ruby was amazed at how easy it is to get from one country to another in this space shuttle (that's what she calls it). Very different to Australia she thought.

What is the German name for this type of transportation?

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Ruby loves tasting new cuisines and experiencing new cultures. Today she was lucky enough to help out in the kitchen when the family she is staying with decided to make something sweet - Ruby's favourite! Off she went, into the garden to find a delicious ingredient. 

What did Ruby decide to choose as the main ingredient from the garden?

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Bella Bella Bella! That's what Ruby heard non stop, as she walked around this incredibly beautiful place. At first she didn't know what it meant, or who it was aimed at. But as soon as she did, and it was all for her, I think she grew a few sizes too big! Ruby was in her element. 

Where is Ruby now?

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Ruby has never experienced such an historic city and she believes that whether you are a romantic at heart or not, Venice will take your breath away! Ruby is taking her first steps along the narrow passageways, mini bridges and cobble stone streets. Luckily this city gets an A+ for encouraging exercise because Ruby is definitely making the most of the Italian cuisine!

The little red pair enjoyed lunch at a café in Piazza San Marco, while sipping on a Bellini and enjoying a 3 course seafood special. Then after an espresso and glass of water, Ruby was off to make the most of her short stay. During her high school years Ruby competed in the First Eight Rowing National Championships as a cox - light weight and loud; the perfect combo. But she had NEVER seen anything like the odd looking boats heading down the canals. The competitive pair even asked for a part time job to help steer, speed up and beat other boats...! The Italian man looked at her very strangely.

What is the name of the boat in the background of Ruby's selfie?

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From the waters edge to the alps; Ruby has experienced what Italy has to offer from all heights. This next photo was one of Ruby's highest achievements - literally!

It took a whole day to get to her next destination in the Italian alps. The scenery was breathtaking! Ruby has always been a fan of Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs - like a massive fan. She was fascinated by the diverse styles of architecture in different parts of Italy. With her little notebook tied to her laces, Ruby kept busy jotting down what designs, materials and concepts she admired. She's planning on building the Lapito headquarters when she returns and she sure has an eye for detail. 

How high is Ruby above sea level? 

a) 1000 m

b) 1400 m

c) 2000 m

Clue? - Ruby may be small, but she will take on any challenge! When you leave a comment make sure to write the picture number before your response.




Soon Ruby's six week holiday will come to an end, and the one thing she forgot to do? Purchase some little gifts for her friends back home. Thank goodness for duty free! Off she went to find the perfect gift for Nutmeg at the souvenir shop. It didn't take long until she found the perfect four legged friend.

What type of toy dog is Ruby bringing home for Nutmeg?

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Ruby is now on the last leg of her Euro trip and she is ready to come home. She has been so fortunate to visit places that some soft soles will never get to see! From Switzerland to Germany to Italy and so much in between - Ruby has made a lot of great memories and of course selfies to share. This will be the last selfie post of Ruby's adventures before she heads on a two storey plane, back home to Australia! 

What international airport is Ruby departing from?

Clue - she had to say goodbye to her Swiss relatives before heading home. When you leave a comment make sure to write the picture number before your response.



September 06, 2014 by Pia Nowland

Design Make Market

The processes I take. 

What starts as a sketch, finishes as a collection of Lapito prototypes. Using the derby design from my previous post, I started on the pattern making process. The initial pattern is never perfect, as there are always areas to improve on. Using a baby sized last I captured parts of the process to give you an insight in to how Lapito soft-soles come to life.



Love Lapito xx

May 07, 2014 by Pia Nowland

Behind the Design

It starts with a rough sketch.

Then the process begins - details, form, stitching, finishes, edges and everything in between.





Being professional wrigglers, little ones are absolute geniuses in losing their pre-walkers. I have made it my mission to design a pair of shoes that cover every parents need. 

Lapito's top 5 'must haves' include:

Soft and Flexible - babies and toddler's feet are not yet full formed so it is very important to use soft sole shoes to support and allow their feet to grow. 

Room to grow - Their little toes need space to wiggle and stretch in order to strengthen and form their muscles. 

Easy to put on and take off - Using 100% leather for a lace up shoe enables parent's to open the tongue and sides of the shoe wide for an easy fit. Leather laces also allow parents to tie them as firmly or loosely as they want. 

Look cute! I am really passionate about designing a style of footwear for very small feet that are well made, comfortable, practical and stylish. 

Love Lapito xx
May 01, 2014 by Pia Nowland

Pint Size

A common expression used for little shoes, babies, toddlers and... me.


September 1987

I was small when growing up and haven't experienced a lot of growth since. When someone tries to describe me, it's usually something along the lines of 'the little blonde thing'. But I am a firm believer of good things come in small packages and small packages need good shoes. Lapito is something I have put my heart and soul into. Although I am below average in height, my perseverance and motivation in doing what I love are giant-like in size. It is a footwear brand for precious little packages who are welcomed into our world with unconditional love. They will learn to smile, walk and talk, with every experience they have becoming a part of who they are. My dream is for Lapito to be a part of this exciting journey.

March 27, 2014 by Pia Nowland